Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tales of the Zombie

Just been doing some stuff for the next series of Moving Wallpaper, which is about the making of a zombie movie, and I got to do a lot of fun things like hang out with other zombies, terrorize Kelly Brook, rip the throat out of an air hostess, and get smashed in the face with a rubber fire extinguisher by Alan Dale (Jim from Neighbours). Definitely worth spending two hours a day in makeup and getting hassled by wasps all the time (it's the blood, you know -- made from Golden Syrup). Don't know when it's out, but I was in a bunch of promotional pics so look out for me in the Radio Times.

And I got to keep the contact lenses.


Dominic Zero said...

Fucking A!
Any pictures of you with the make up on?

kek-w said...

Lol! genius!